Touring Cairo and Luxor

The Glory to Egypt Cruise Cairo to Luxor tour package is one of the best private tours. This five days tour will help you learn the history, myths, and tales that surround ancient Egypt. You will get a chance to go on private pyramid tours Egypt and even step pyramid of Saqqara. Once you land in Cairo, you will be lodged in the Marriott Mina House and left to rest. Visit this website to book a Cairo day tour.

How it Works

The tour officially begins on the second day where you get a private tour Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, Memphis tour, and Saqqara tour. On the third day, you get to visit the Egyptian Museum as well as Old Cairo, where you will get a chance to have a Cairo pyramids tour.

The fourth day, you will embark on a Luxor trip from Cairo by flight and logged into the Winter Palace Hotel. You will be getting one of the best Luxor Egypt guided tours during your stay. Afternoon, you get to go on a Luxor East bank tour for a Karnak temple, Sphinx, and Memphis tours Luxor.

On the fifth day, you will be getting a West bank Luxor tour. The day will start with a Luxor Valley of the Kings tour. Later on, you'll get to see the worker village, the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut. After the Luxor city day tours, when you're on your way back to the cruise ship, you'll get to see the Colossi of Memnon, the huge statues of Amenhotep III.

Throughout the tour, you will be given a detailed explanation of every single thing shown to you. Plus, you get to have a taste of their delicious local cuisines.

Once the planned Luxor private sightseeing tours are complete, you'll be taken to the Luxor airport to catch your flight to Cairo and back home.

Our agents are eager to help you discover and enjoy the best of Cairo and Luxor. Visit this website to find a reliable tour operator for booking tour of pyramids in Egypt.

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The Amazing Egyptian Travel Tour For Your Family

The old age Egyptian civilization is one of the most amazing civilisations all around the world. Along with this thing, the other ethnicities have also contributed in shaping the Egyptian country. The Egyptian civilization is the mix of Arabian & Islamic culture and the rich history of country has created many different cultural & archaeological monuments across the country. It is the home to the majestic Egyptian pyramids that are still standing high. The other wonders like the might Nile River, Sahara desert, red sea beaches are also mesmerising. All these combined information can inspire you to have a luxury travel in Egypt.

Several reasons to have a tour of Egyptian cruise

  • It is having almost 1/3rd of the world's antiquities
  • Greatest open air museum of the world is at Egypt
  • The luxury Nile cruise from Cairo can provide you an opportunity to explore the better ancient civilization which is more than 5000 years old.
  • With on board boutique ships guided by Egyptologists, you will be having wonderful blend of east & west.
  • Great hospitality services.

The might Nile River

The mighty river was supposed to be the lifeline of the ancient civilization of the Egypt & today the banks of this river is loaded with ancient tombs & temples. Along with this thing the endless level of must watch destinations are truly an inspiring site to all the people.

Luxur, which is the most dramatic site of the Egypt, mostly referred to as the home of world’s biggest open air museum, was the ancient capital of Pharaohs and a great site to explore for your luxury travel in Egypt.

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Enjoy Your Stay To The Fullest With Best Egypt Luxury And Guided Tours

We all love to travel, and we should travel as it is the best way to get a break from your everyday life and relive your stress. Many people are not able to spend time with their family, for those people travelling and going for a vacation is the best way to spend time with your family. But planning a tour is another pickle we have to decide so many things starting from where to go, where to stay, so many things we have to deal with and even just one thing messes up it can ruin our entire stay, and that is why these days’ people prefer guided tours.

Best destination for your vacation

But these things come afterwards the first thing that a person needs to decide is to where to go. The most ideal place is where you can do everything you want and thus have lot of things to offer you. One of those place considering all such facts is Egypt, Egypt has a long a interesting history that people have been dying to discover from ages. There are so many things you can do while staying in Egypt. Moreover to make your stay even more memorable you can book Egypt luxury tours.

Best guided tour and services

These tours will make sure you utilize your stay and enjoy it to the fullest. You can even opt for Egypt guided tours to know more about Egypt and its mysteries. These tours will help you know the actual Egypt.

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Make Your Stay Even Better By Opting Out For Guided Trip And Pre-Planned Tours

We all love to travel but planning a vacation is something that can take out the most of us and make us not want to go. But it’s silly to get worried about planning trip and that too at this time when you can simple make a call or book your ideal services. The problem with planning starts with finding the ideal destination for your family. There is no problem when you go alone but when it comes to your family you have to make sure everything goes right.

Place that has lot of offer

One place that anyone whether on a solo trip or a family vacation would love to go is Egypt. Egypt is one of the most beautiful places and a place that is full of activities and things to offer it tourists. It’s a place full of history and mystery so whether you are with your family or alone this place is for you. One thing you need to keep in mind while visiting this place is to use your time wisely as this place has so many things to offer you might get confused and miss out lots of beautiful places. In such cases, I would strongly suggest guided trips to Egypt.

Cherry on the top

These guided trips will help you to know about the real Egypt. One more thing that I want you surely not to miss is Nile cruise in Egypt. It is one of the best things and will work as cherry on top of your vacation.

For getting more info about luxury Nile cruise in Egypt, visit this website. 

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Explore The Treasures And Mysteries Of Egypt With A Luxurious Trip

There may be number of wonderful and breathtaking destinations in the world. But, nothing can match-up with the Egypt. If you are planning for your next holiday destination, there are number of best and popular travelling partner that offer great luxury Egypt tours.


Inclusions in luxury trip


Cultural, natural, historical and spiritual what else is needed for a perfect trip. A traveler has option to choose the combination of any of them to make a trip the most memorable one. The luxurious package offered for Egypt includes:

  • Visiting one of the seven wonders of world, the great pyramid of Giza
  • Visiting holy places of temple of karnak, temple of Philae, temple of Kom Ombo and Kalabsha
  • Visiting grand museum, Egyptian museum and Alexandria library
  • Visiting old Cairo
  • Exploring temples of Aswan & Luxor


Luxury Nile cruise


If you are fond of sailing over rivers and a nature lover, then you should never leave an opportunity to a luxury Nile cruise Egypt. River Nile is regarded as the life of Egypt as it holds within itself number of ancient stories and it also forms a part of almost every travelling plans being offered by travel service providers. Even many of the Egypt tours are being navigated trough Nile cruise.


So, enjoy the home of inheritance, great pyramids and a rich culture developed in a marvelous way over years. This place will surely not allow you to forget the memories created here.


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Egypt- Fascinating & Worthy Travel Destination That Has Everything For Everyone

The mesmerizing Red Sea, the antique collection of Egyptian museum, amazing white desert, cluster of temples consisting of karnak, temple of Philae, the culture of Nubian village and the luxurious River Nile cruise are the attraction points that no one can find anywhere in the world. A perfect blend of nature, history and culture gives everyone the reason to plan their trips to Egypt.

Great tour packages

Various best travel planners offer amazing packages based on time schedule, budget and nature of interest to every traveler who wish to spend some quality time with their family or friends.


  • Private guided trip package: These are designed keeping in mind the customized schedule and the point of interest of the tourists. This package has qualified and professional tour guides and leaders that provide services from airport pick to visiting the sites and dropping back to the destinations. It commits to offer a greater level of service so that a tourist can enjoy their maximum time at such great place.


  • Egypt luxury tours packages: The package will provide a luxurious and comfortable trip while enjoying the every famous sites & wonders of Egypt. This includes:
  1. Trip to Aswan
  2. Exploring pyramid of Giza
  • Visiting Egyptian museum
  1. Exploring the beautiful city Cairo
  2. Sailing down and getting relaxed on Nile cruise
  3. Discovering the untold stories behind the temples situated near the famous rivers.


 So, get your favorite package and head to a beautiful place.


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The Quickest And Easiest Way To Egypt Luxury Tour Packages

The attributes of Egypt luxury tour packages includes awesome pyramids and lesser traveled as well as fabulous tombs to the adding city of Cairo to Alexandria’s shore. A visitor will travel backward and forwards on duration along the Nile River. Selecting for luxury travel assures that one does this with not only the hugest comfort but also with the largest use to Egypt’s hotspots and history.

  • The traits of luxury travel start with the use of informative guides. Many luxury tours give exceptionally feel guides to travel with one throughout the way, giving insight, and insider content of the destination.
  • One will get a personalized itinerary, use to local persons, and exclusive access to general activities, guidance, and expert advice.

Egypt, the land of surprises, connects the Middle East with northeast Africa. Egypt tour takes to stunning land where they can check hidden secrets and enrich intrepid activities. With towering Pharaonic temples, sand-covered tombs, and reliable pyramids founds, Egypt is one of the best stopping places to show.

  • In Egypt, Sand-boarding is skiing in the deserts, and no other destination is better to adore this sport than the sand dunes in Egypt. The Egypt and Jordan luxury tours are unshrinking experiences, if one slides lesser through the sand dunes.
  • Egypt tours as well as travelers in the Al Katamiah and Great Sand dunes near Cairo to feel this sport, which is accepted as an excellent for sand-boarding. Experience world-class while on Egypt adventure. Diving is a trial of relishing the coral life and marine around the globe.

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